Exhausted.  Frazzled. Confused.

I can relate!  As a mom of two little ones I understand the challenges you are facing.  Whether you are having trouble with naps, nighttime wakings, bedtime battles or just want to give your little one a head start on healthy sleep, I can help.    As a Registered Nurse I have cared for moms, babies and young children for over 15 years giving me a unique perspective on sleep and its importance in normal growth and development. My experience educating parents both in and out of the hospital setting allows me to help with a broad range of issues you may be experiencing both medically and behaviorally.  In addition, I recently completed the Infant Mental Health Community Training Certification from The Hospital for Sick Kids in Ontario in order to be able to bring you the most up to date support for your little sleepers.

Certified by Family Sleep InstituteQuality sleep, or lack thereof, can have a tremendous impact on the health of your baby and you.  Unfortunately, babies are not born with the skills they need to develop healthy sleep habits.  It is our job to teach them, but often parents are left overwhelmed by where to start and what method to follow.  In my most recent position as a home health nurse for mothers and their newborn babies I encountered the same question day in and day out- how to do I get my baby to sleep?  The answer is- every baby is different and what works for one family may not be right for the next.  My goal as a Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant is to work with your family and, if necessary, your healthcare practitioner to find solutions that are right for you.  I offer customized sleep plans tailored to fit your specific needs and concerns.  Please contact me to get sleeping again!


Kelly Weygandt R.N., C.S.C      

Team Member, Research and Development at The Family Sleep Institute                                               

St. Louis’ Sleep Nurse