Do you have a crib climber? Don’t give up on that crib just yet…

Has your toddler decided to climb out of her crib? If so, before you decide to switch her to a big girl bed read these simple tips:

1)      Be sure the crib mattress is at its lowest setting and the crib is free of any pillows, bumpers or toys she may be using to hoist herself up and over.

2)      Use a sleep sack- this will impede her ability in most cases to get her legs over the side and buy you some time.

3)      Anticipate her antics and catch her in the act when she is not expecting it.  You can then firmly and assertively tell her “we do not climb out of our crib”.

4)      Create a bedtime story with her help about a little girl who sleeps in her crib all night long complete with pictures and read it together and then talk about how everyone stays in their own beds at night.

5)      Place pillows and blankets on the ground outside the crib in case she climbs out without you seeing it so that she is less likely to get hurt.

6)      For 2 year olds and up consider a sleep/wake clock that tells her when it is time to get up.  Using a clock in combination with rules about staying in her crib all night can be a good tool.

7)      Childproof her room – AGAIN.  Look around and see what might cause a problem if she were to climb out of her crib in the night and be unsupervised in her room.

8)      Finally, if she is 3 years old or you have found none of these tips to help you may want to consider moving her to a bed so that she stays safe and injury free.

Sweet dreams…

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