How to NOT let Halloween Wreak Havoc on your Little Ghost or Goblin’s Sleep



October 31st is right around the corner and this year it falls midweek- EEK!  Well don’t let it scare you here are some tips to get you through it with little disruption:


  • Focus on a well-rested child leading up to the day. Stick closely to your schedule and routine leading up to Halloween; one off day in the life of an otherwise well-rested family is totally doable.
  • Choose activities wisely- trust me when I say your little Princess or Fireman does not need to attend each and every Halloween event- prioritize, pick one or 2 and keep your sanity!
  • Beware of scary stories, songs, movies and decorations- nightmares often rear their ugly heads this time of year. As adults it is easy for us to think all the spooky Halloween hoopla is harmless fun but your child may not understand the difference between real and make believe causing anxiety, fear and nightmares.
  • Don’t skimp on your bedtime routine- little ones may need extra time winding down after all the excitement and of course, candy.
  • Limit sugar- this is pretty easy with little kids but gets progressively harder as they grow up. Try to find a rule for your family that works for you- maybe one piece of candy for every year of age?
  • Enjoy the holiday! After all it is only once a year
  • Early to bed on November 1st snapping right back into your routine and schedule.

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