Ode to the SleepSack

Oh SleepSack, how do I love thee…? Let me count the ways

1)        You keep my baby warm, but not too warm- anyone with kids knows it is a struggle to keep them covered at night but with the SleepSack they are warm and toasty all night long- just swap the microfleece version out for the cotton in the summer and voila! instant temperature control.  Also, overheating is a known risk factor for SIDS and the SleepSack is sleeveless and comes in breathable fabrics for children or homes prone to being on the warm side.

2)       You keep my baby safe- current recommendations on safe sleep are to have a crib free of loose bedding and blankets yet babies still may need an extra layer to stay warm at night- enter the SleepSack- their own personal sleeping bag that adheres to safety guidelines.

3)       You keep my toddler from crawling out of his crib- thanks to you my older toddler is still soundly sleeping in his crib as our beloved SleepSack kept him from climbing out when most kids would have done so already.

4)      You help my whole family get a better night’s sleep- my babies are so cozy and content in their SleepSacks that they sleep soundly, AND because there are no covers to replace, no worries about baby getting tangled in blankets, no one climbing out of their crib, mom and dad get some well-deserved rest too.

Ok so my love for the SleepSack may seem a little over the top to you but honestly it has worked wonders for our well rested family and I highly recommend it both as a mom and a sleep consultant.  And no… I do not work for the makers of the SleepSack :)

Sweet dreams…

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