The Best Time to Begin Sleep Training is NOW


                Are you struggling to get your family the sleep they need but are wondering if your little one is too old or too young to begin sleep training?  The answer is simple; no child is too young or too old to benefit from sleep training.  Of course, a newborn baby is not supposed to sleep perfectly but they can still benefit from gentle sleep shaping.  Sleep training is not just about sleeping through the night but rather it is more about teaching your child healthy sleep habits that they can take with them for life.  Beginning now means you and your family have the best chance of being well rested for years down the road.  In fact, leading sleep researchers believe that infants who do not sleep are likely to become toddlers who do not sleep, who may become children who do not sleep.  If left untreated sleep problems can result in teens and even adults who have chronic sleep deficits.  According to Jodi Mindell, psychologist and researcher at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and author of Sleeping through the Night, more than two thirds of small children who have sleep issues still have them several years later if no plan of action has been implemented.  Start making sleep a priority today!  Here are easy some tips to get started for children of all ages:

 *Practice putting your child to bed drowsy but awake

*Know how much sleep your child needs in a 24 hour period

*Get on a schedule- your child’s sleep schedule should look the same each day

*Focus on your routine- bedtime routines should be short, sweet, predictable and non-negotiable to be effective

*Set the stage for sleep- evaluate your child’s sleeping environment, it should be cool, dark and quiet

*Avoid negative sleep associations like rocking, feeding or driving your child to sleep

*Avoid an overtired state- sleep begets sleep so keep your child well rested to ensure they sleep well

*Commitment, consistency and confidence are the key to successful sleep training- commit to a method that works best for you and see it through knowing you are making the right choice for your family!

Sweet Dreams…


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