What Does a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Do?


If you are a parent you understand on a whole new level what sleeplessness is all about.  From night wakings and early mornings with your newborn to late nights and packed schedules with your teen, Americans are getting less sleep than ever.  Insufficient sleep in children can lead to health, behavior and learning problems.  While sleep is thought by most public health experts to be as important as healthy nutrition and exercise, sleeplessness has become an epidemic.  Most of us would like to sleep more but the question is how do we get there?  The road to improving our families’ sleep is often frustrating, confusing and highly emotionally charged.  Hiring a Certified Sleep Consultant (CSC) can be a good place to start for families looking to establish healthy sleep habits or correct existing problems.  Here are a few benefits of hiring a CSC:

  1. An experienced CSC can develop a sleep plan to meet your specific needs and coach you step by step through the plan’s implementation.  Every family is different so each sleep plan is tailored to meet individual needs.
  2. With a CSC you receive personal, one on one support to help you stay on track. Think of it like your own personal sleep trainer- there both to provide you with valuable information and tools and also to keep you motivated on a day to day basis.  The goal being to teach you how to obtain a healthier lifestyle and then maintain it for the long-term.
  3. Daily contact with your CSC means it is easy to address any unforeseen problems implementing the plan and make adjustments as necessary.
  4.  A well-trained sleep consultant will not only help you address any issues you might be currently having with your child’s sleep but will also give you the tools to handle any curve balls that life might throw at you down the road by teaching you the foundations of healthy sleep.



Healthy sleep is a lifelong journey and starts with establishing strong foundations.  A Certified Sleep Consultant can help you make sleep a priority for your family today

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